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Orchids: My Intersex Adventure awarded Best Short at mujerDoc 2013

Documentary filmmaker, Phoebe Hart, comes clean on her journey of self-discovery to embrace her future and reconcile the past shame and family secrecy surrounding her intersex condition.

Phoebe’s film Orchids: My Intersex Adventure recently won the hotly contested Best Short award at the mujerDoc documentary film festival in Spain. The latest award joins a veritable swathe of awards the film had earned since it’s release in 2012. Check out Orchids on facebook to learn more.

At LCR we love working on great documentaries, and Orchids is no exception. It’s fantastic to see the film receiving such accolades.


The Queen and I touring Australia

With his film The Queen and I, Douglas Watkin captures an encounter with royalty that became a highlight in his father’s life. Produced by Doug’s film company Double Wire with sound designed by our own Tfer Newsome.

Making a return to the film maker’s home town The Queen & I will be exhibiting in the Cairns Regional Gallery from the 28 June – 11 August.

The Queen & I is already apart of the GoMA/Queensland Art Gallery collection “Now”. It will be screening later this year at GOMA. The Queen & I is now a part of The National Australian Art Gallery in Canberra, soon to be featured in a exhibition.

Keep an eye out at film festivals and art exhibitions near you for The Queen and I as it tours Australia.

A scene from the The Queen and I, courtesy of Douglas Watkin

A scene from the The Queen and I, courtesy of Douglas Watkin


Fantome accepted into ETNOFilm

Fantome has been accepted into the ETNOFilm, The Festival of Ethnographic Film in Croatia. Produced by Sean Gilligan and Adrian Strong, Fantome is a feature length documentary about a leprosarium for indigenous Australians. It’s the second time around for acclaimed documentary maker Adrian Strong who was a guest at ETNOFilm last year, where his film Bitter Roots won a prize.

LCR Film Sound is proud to have a long association with Sean and Adrian, having worked with them for many years.

Check out this special preview of Bitter Roots. Purchase Bitter Roots here